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Rubicon Rugs - Responsive Desktop Website

Helping a Small Business with a Big Mission

We unrolled a brand new visual identity and website for Rubicon Rugs so they could disrupt the rug industry by providing ethically sourced products at a fair price.

Tools of the Trade

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The Task

When we first met with Rubicon Rugs we discovered they had a great idea and needed help getting the business off the ground. Our team provided recommendations across all touchpoints of the brand, from updating their existing logo to supplying them with an e-commerce shop to sell products.

Rubicon Rugs Logo - Old Logo and New Logo

Stitching Together The Brand

Rubicon Rugs came to us with an existing logo that had been sourced as an ad-hoc design task from a freelance designer. We knew the design wouldn't translate well in a digital space nor would it speak to their core audience. Our recommended approach was to revisit the brand identity in order to hand off a complete system containing a brand new logo, color palette, and typography.

Rubicon Rugs Icon Process Ideas for Logo

Icons, logos, and colors... oh my!

Given the generally dull and stagnant nature of the current rug industry, we wanted to incorporate clean, modern, and approachable qualities within the new brand identity. After swinging the pendulum in both directions, we steered towards using a slightly more traditional typeface with custom ligatures in order to convey a sense of professionalism and premium quality. The color palette helped carry the torch for providing a fresh, modern look and feel using bold, poppy colors that set Rubicon Rugs apart from others in the industry.

Rubicon Rugs Logo Options in Colors

Tying up loose ends

After a few rounds of reviewing design directions, we locked down a core brand mark, icon, color palette, and typographic system that worked well with each other throughout the various touchpoints of the brand.

We bundled these assets up and provided a style guide for ongoing reference to help ensure brand consistency as this brand continues to grow and scale.

Rubicon Rugs Logo and Branding Style Guide

Creating a Beautiful Home for One of Kind Rugs

Rubicon needed a very user-friendly site with a clean design where the one of kind patterns of their rugs would be the main design element on the page. They also needed an e-commerce solution that would be cost-effective to launch and would scale with them. For their needs, Shopify was a great fit.

Rubicon Rugs - Website Development of Custom Product Filter Sidebar

Sidebar filtering

One of the key items missing from Shopify out-of-the-box is an easy to use product filter. We created a very easy to update product filter that allows customers to easily find the rugs they want by size, color, country of origin, price and more.

Rubicon Rugs - Responsive Desktop Design For E-commerce Product Grid
Rubicon Rugs - Development of Custom Tabs for Product Information

Rubicon is on a mission with GoodWeave

Rubicon wanted to do more than just sell rugs. With decades of industry experience, they are determined to help to end child labor in the rug industry. For this reason, they partnered with GoodWeave, a Nobel Prize-winning organization focused on ending child labor in global supply chains. Rubicon's partnership allows them to verify that all of their rugs are ethically sourced. In addition, 10% of every purchase is donated to GoodWeave. Rubicon's rugs not only add beauty to a home, but allow consumers to contribute toward making the world a better place.

Closing thoughts

Overall, we had a fantastic experience working with Rubicon Rugs due to their grand vision, receptiveness to our recommendations, and the end result. We always love wrapping up a project with a happy client and look forward to supporting Rubicon Rugs as they continue their journey out in the world.

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